Are You Living Your Best Life?

Want to make 2024 your best year? We’re building a community of sobriety and positivity. And we would love you to join us on our journey. The FREE Best Life pilot programme is open to anyone from South Africa; find new friends, events, activities and inspiration locally. Sobriety through connection.

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The New Social Sobriety Platform


Daily Content

Contained in multiple groups and interest categories, Best Life posts tips, stories, advice, guides and much more on a regular basis. Learn from others in your shoes.


Regular Meet-ups

Through partnerships, community groups and various other collaborations, we host themed events, as well as a range of healthy activities monthly.



We've build an alcohol and drug free social media platform that you can use to find groups, friends, events and safe spaces near you.

Community Favorites

Daily Check-in Group

Because recovery brings so many positive changes, it’s hard to see all of the magic happening to you while you are still in the process. The Best Life Daily Check in will prompt you each and every day in recovery.

Nutrition Thursdays

Every Thursday is nutrition day at Best Life - we've got a group where people share recipes, ideas for you to spark up your kitchen creations, and nutrition-based challenges throughout the year.

Walk & Talk Hikes

Best Life (and the community) host regular hikes where the only objective is to hang out in nature and chat about whatever comes to mind. It's a judgement-free space, open to absolutely any Best Life members.

Join our latest challenge series!

Our challenge series are all about embracing your sobriety and self-care and sharing your wins on the Best Life App. 

Join us on this journey, where you’ll encounter daily prompts and activities designed to enhance your mindfulness, tranquillity, and overall well-being. Envision gentle meditation sessions, succinct self-improvement tips, and delightful tasks that celebrate the incredible individual you are (and are becoming). It’s centred on nurturing yourself in your unique way.

Just launch the app each day for a fresh approach to indulge in self-care. Whether you’re keen on journaling, exploring new pastimes, or simply taking a moment to unwind, there’s something here for everyone. It’s your own mindful adventure, and we’re here to back you every step of the journey.

Make 2024 the year you commit to embracing calm and self-nurturance. Pick up your phone, open the Best Life App, and let’s do this together. It’s all focused on you this time, and we’re excited to witness your glow.

Sobriety Through Connection

Best Life is a long term sobriety community, powered by an mHealth app. Designed from the ground up to help you create new and lasting routines, connections and habits, we’re offering it for FREE during the pilot period.

Let’s meet up this year…

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Join Best Life today, and take advantage of our FREE pilot programme. Be the change you want to see in your life.

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